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Flex + Emsculpt NEO Package

Flex + Emsculpt NEO Package

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Combining Emsculpt Neo + Trusculpt Flex allows for a dual-modality approach, targeting both muscle and fat simultaneously.

Buy 4 Emsculpt + Get 2 Flex FREE

• more comprehensive and noticeable results

• Both treatments are designed to improve muscle tone and strength, but they use different technologies: Emsculpt Neo induces supramaximal muscle contractions, while Trusculpt Flex uses electrical muscle stimulation. Combining these approaches may lead to more comprehensive muscle sculpting.

• Emsculpt Neo's radiofrequency technology aims to reduce fat through thermal effects, and Trusculpt Flex may contribute to fat reduction indirectly by boosting metabolism through muscle building. The combination could potentially enhance overall fat reduction.

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